Top Tips for Entrants

  • Read each question carefully and try to have an understanding of what the judges are hoping to read before you put pen to paper.
  • Keep your copy as clear and simple as possible; think concise, relevant, easy to understand and factual whilst avoiding jargon and waffle!

  • Only provide supporting documents where asked for and that are relevant.  Keep to the requested amount – the judges have a lot to get through and won’t be impressed with swathes of irrelevant information.
  • Make it easy for the judges to spot what is key to your entry, e.g. innovation, creativity, major successes & achievements, fast growth, overcoming adversity, awards obtained, etc.

  • Write a draft of your entry first and gain opinions from others within the business who will be approaching it from a new angle and may spot omissions, errors or ways of improving it.
  • Provide solid evidence against what has been asked for in your answers.  Back up your claims with facts and figures where relevant or include web links, tables, reviews, etc.

  • Don’t be afraid to bring to light instances when your business has had to face challenges and issues.  Be honest and don’t be tempted to be lenient with the truth!
  • Proof read your entry and ideally get others to read it through too.  Correcting spelling and grammatical errors will make your entry easier to read and demonstrate your attention to detail.

  • Do not be tempted to leave this until the last minute!  Although the entry process is a simple one, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you rush it or accidentally leave out important information.  Give yourself time to put together a clear and structured entry containing every detail you feel will help your cause.
  • Supporting Products – if applicable to the category you are entering, ensure items are safely and securely packaged for transport and delivered on time, fresh and ready for tasting by the judges on the allotted date.  Make sure they are relevant and there is sufficient to allow for up to 15 judges to sample.

Good luck!


2016 Key Dates
Entries Open4 Mar '16
Entries Close6 May '16
Judging14 Jun '16
Shortlist Announced29 Jun '16
Awards Dinner21 Oct '16
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